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Vertiefen Sie sich in die von uns sorgfältig getroffene Auswahl an weiteren Publikationen zum Thema Homöopathieforschung, die von Filmclips bis zu Artikeln aus Peer-Review-Zeitschriften reichen.


10 years of physico-chemical homeopathic research

Dr Steven Cartwright summarises his body of research from the past decade, during which time he has employed solvatochromic dyes to establish a mechanism of action for homeopathic medicines.

Dr Alexander Tournier & Rachel Roberts – Unlocking the potential of homeopathy

Dr Alexander Tournier (HRI Chairman) and Rachel Roberts (HRI Chief Executive) explain the key role homeopathy could play in future, and why further funding is necessary to unlock its full potential.

HRI London 2023 Highlights – Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy

Highlights from HRI’s „rather special“ 5th international homeopathy research conference.

Exploring Homeopathic Treatment of Wildlife on World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is a UN International day created to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all wild plants and animals and the contribution they make to our well-being. More

HRI Online 2022 – Can homeopathic paradigm equate the conventional paradigm in children?

Keynote presentation from HRI’s first online event, HRI Online 2022.

Homeopathy research – where are we going?

Closing panel discussion from HRI’s first online event, HRI Online 2022.

Rachel Roberts – Homeopathy evidence base

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