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External publications

Delve into a curated selection of external publications on homeopathy research, from film clips to peer reviewed journal articles


With an overwhelming number of films now available online, HRI provides this small selection that we believe are well worth the viewing time.

Liesbeth Ellinger on veterinary homeopathy research

Hear why many farmers (the toughest critics!) choose to use homeopathy, plus a first-hand account of her famous triple-blind piglets study.

Dr Concepcion Campa Huergo, Finlay Institute, Cuba

Creator of the ‘HIB’ meningitis vaccine explains how and why her priorities
shifted from conventional (‘allopathic’) vaccines to homeopathy research.

Leading Australian lawyer on NHMRC Homeopathy Review

As we await the verdict promised in March 2020, expert chemist and lawyer Dr Teresa Nicoletti explains the four year case against NHMRC.

Experiments show effect of homeopathic medicine on plants

A scientific study, led by a Swiss research group, showed homeopathic arsenic to be clearly more effective for treating poisoned duckweed than water alone.

HRI London 2019 conference report published

Read highlights of our 4th International Research Conference here. Filmed presentations coming soon!

Research showing clinical benefits of homeopathy when prescribed by doctors

Rachel Roberts discusses the role homeopathy has to play in integrated healthcare, how it can reduce antibiotic use, and the research which demonstrates clinical benefits of homeopathy when prescribed by doctors.

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