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Research in Focus

HRI Research in Focus articles bring you highlights of homeopathy research in a brief, easy to understand ‘New Scientist’ style. They are either written in-house, or by external authors at the invitation of HRI. Most form a simple double-sided document so they are easy to print out and share.

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Plain language summary of Dr Steven Cartwright's ground-breaking work

Chemical dyes can detect presence of homeopathic high dilutions

Dr Alexander Tournier and Rachel Roberts
Winter 2015
Full text

Mathie et al. systematic review and meta-analysis

The best studies show individualised homeopathic treatment has beneficial effects beyond placebo

Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier
Autumn 2015
Full text | Volltext

HRI Conference Report

HRI Rome 2015: Homeopathy research gathers worldwide momentum

Dr Alexander Tournier and Rachel Roberts
Summer 2015
Full text

Investigating effectiveness of homeopathic treatments for premenstrual disorders

Dr Christien Klein-Laansma & Dr Miek Jong
Spring 2014

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