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HRI Statement on ADHD Gaertner et al. retraction

On 20 September 2023, the paper “Is homeopathy effective for attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder? A meta-analysis” by Gaertner et al., was retracted from the journal Pediatric Research. More

HRI Statement on Sigurdson et al. 2023

Conventional scientists confirm that clinical trials show homeopathy has beneficial effects beyond placebo, but dismiss the result as ‘noise’. More

HRI Statement on Closure of Commonwealth Ombudsman Investigation

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has closed its seven-year investigation into Australian Government research institute (NHMRC) for misleading the public about the evidence on homeopathy, without providing a verdict as to whether NHMRC is guilty of scientific misconduct. More

HRI Statement on Frass et al. 2020 investigation

HRI has been made aware of an investigation into a study published by Frass et al.1 in The Oncologist journal in 2020. More

HRI comment on BMJ article assessing reporting bias in trials of homeopathy

New study shows levels of reporting bias, which can lead to over-estimation of benefits of treatments, are lower in homeopathy research than in conventional medical research.Notes for editors.

HRI statement on retraction of Macías-Cortés’ et al. 2015

Inexplicable retraction of a rigorous clinical trial showing homeopathy works for depression raises serious concerns over abandonment of the scientific process

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