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At the biennial HRI conferences we gather together some of the biggest names in homeopathy research from around the world, in a forum of intensive collaboration.

As well as filming all presentations, we take these rare opportunities to interview these researchers, giving us deeper insight into the fascinating work they are doing and the stories behind their cutting edge research.

Rachel Roberts, Chief Executive, HRI 
A brief summary of our analysis showing bias, errors and misreporting in the highly influential 2015 “Australian Report”.

For more information about the Australian Report and HRI’s role in a submission of complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman click here.

Prof Giovanni Dinelli, University of Bologna, Italy 
Investigating use of homeopathic medicines in agriculture. Dinelli explains why he switched careers from developing herbicides to working with ‘agrohomeopathy’, plus the challenges faced by scientists wanting to conduct rigorous research into homeopathy.

Read Prof Dinelli’s research on homeopathic treatment of arsenic-poisoned wheat seedlings.

Dr Elizabeth Thompson, consultant physician in palliative care, UK
Trial design challenges in homeopathic medical research.

Read Dr Thompson’s research in breast cancer patients.

Dr Peter Fisher, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine UK
Tackling multimorbidity, polypharmacy and resistance to antibiotics with homeopathy

Read about the EPI-3 studies on musculoskeletal, upper respiratory tract and anxiety conditions.

Dr Concepcion Campa Huergo, Finlay Institute, Cuba
The creator of a conventional meningitis B vaccine explains her passion for homeopathy

Read about the large-scale use of a homeopathic preparation to protect Cubans from a leptospirosis epidemic.

Dr Stephan Baumgartner, University of Bern, Switzerland
Research comparing homeopathy with conventional medicine.

Read some of Dr Baumgartner’s own research here.

Jeremy Sherr, Homeopath and researcher, Israel and Tanzania
30 years of work in the field of homeopathy, with a focus on provings 

Read about Jeremy Sherr’s work to test whether proving symptoms are reproducible and recognisable.

HRI YouTube Channel

Find interviews with the leading researchers in homeopathy and members of the HRI team. With new material being added regularly, subscribe now so you never miss the latest releases.

HRI Malta 2017 filmed presentations

43 presentations from the 3rd HRI conference in Malta have been made available online to view free of charge.

HRI Rome 2015 filmed presentations

43 presentations from the 2nd HRI conference in Rome are available online free of charge.

HRI Barcelona 2013 filmed presentations

The best researchers from around the world presented their latest findings at our inaugural conference. 40 presentations on experimental, clinical and veterinary homeopathy research are available to view online free of charge.

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