Need academically sound facts about homeopathy research? Looking for research contacts? Or just curious about the evidence? This is the place....


In an age of information saturation, where the click of a mouse brings you myriad opinions, often presented as fact, HRI has created this resources area to provide accurate, reliable information. Crucially, we make the source of all information clear so that you can check its provenance for yourself.

Exploring these pages you can,

  • Find our answers to typical comments made about homeopathy in our Homeopathy FAQs
  • Dig a little deeper into the homeopathy debate
  • Search for evidence on specific medical conditions using our brand new clinical research database
  • Check out the library of publications including scientific papers and reports
  • Find details of homeopathy researchers in our online directory

and more…..

Please note that this site provides information about homeopathy research only. If you are looking for information about homeopathy in general or accessing homeopathic treatment, please visit

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