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NHS Homeopathy in the spotlight
Homeopathy has been part of the UK’s National Health Service since its inception. Here we present the key facts for those wishing to know more about this issue, including what it costs, patient benefits and comparisons with conventional medicine.

Understanding the evidence base for homeopathy
A brief overview of the story so far regarding what evidence there is for homeopathy and how this information has been communicated to decision-makers and the public alike. This document includes a summary of observational studies carried out in the UK’s NHS and in Europe, assessing the clinical results achieved using homeopathy in real clinical situations.

Homeopathy on trial – the need for targeted research
This article focuses on how discussion of the evidence base has evolved in recent years and the implications this has for the future decisions about research in homeopathy.

Plausibility bias and the controversy around homeopathy
Dr Peter Fisher discusses the reasons behind divergent interpretations of the existing evidence on homeopathy, introducing the concept of ‘plausibility bias’.


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2-There isn’t a single RCT_shutterstock_100245305 adjusted