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Research in Focus

HRI Research in Focus articles bring you highlights of homeopathy research in a brief, easy to understand ‘New Scientist’ style. They are either written in-house, or by external authors at the invitation of HRI. Most form a simple double-sided document so they are easy to print out and share.

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Latest edition

Clificol – Case registration during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Tournier AL, Fok YYY, Roberts ER, van Haselen R
Winter 2022
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Gold-standard study assessing effectiveness of homeopathy for PMS

Women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) benefit from individualised homeopathic treatment

van der Werf ET, Mulder LTC, Roberts ER
Autumn 2022
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HRI Conference Report

HRI Online 2022 – Key collaborations in homeopathy research

E Rachel Roberts, José E Eizayaga, Esther T van der Werf,  Alexander L Tournier
Summer 2022
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Large-scale observational study assessing the real-world impact of homeopathy

The EPI3-LASER study: Real-world observational evidence for homeopathy from General Physicians in France

Roberts ER, Mosley AJ, van der Werf ET, Tournier AL
Winter 2021
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HRI Conference Report

HRI London 2019: Highest calibre conference to date provides fitting celebration of 10 years of HRI

Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier
Summer 2019
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HRI Conference Report

HRI Malta 2017: Looking to the future on an historic island

Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier
Summer 2017
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Results of a 14-year study of the homeopathic treatment of children with atopic disorders (hay fever, eczema and asthma) in Italy.

Pediatric atopic diseases: short- and long-term results of homeopathic treatment

Dr Elio Rossi et al.
Winter 2016
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Highlights from 21 years of research activity in ultra-high dilution research.

21 years of progress in homeopathy research

Prof P. Christian Endler and Dr Corinne Kraus
Autumn 2016
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Successful use of an integrated homeopathic protocol in the treatment of 430 patients with respiratory allergies in the Centre for Integrated Medicine, Pitigliano, Tuscany.

Improved quality of life and reduction of conventional drugs in allergic patients treated with homeopathy

Dr Rosaria Ferreri et al.
Summer 2016
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