Homeopathy and Fever Management: A Scoping Review

What is this project about?

This project aims to identify and map studies that assess the effectiveness of homeopathy in fever management. This scoping review will provide a narrative account of findings from the existing literature, highlighting future areas for systematic review.

Lead researcher

Dr Sabina Vatter PhD RSHom

Dr Sabina Vatter works as a Research Officer and holds a PhD in Medicine from the University of Manchester, UK, where she explored the impact of Parkinson’s dementia on care partners. She also has a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Tallinn University, Estonia. Sabina has over 9 years of experience in Clinical Psychology research. She is passionate about improving health, quality of life and well-being across the lifespan within diverse health conditions, particularly in mental health and eating disorders.

Why is this project important?

Fever is a common response from the body’s immune system following infection and is often managed with antipyretic medication or other treatment methods such as homeopathy. The need to consider non-antipyretic treatment options for fever management and the high prevalence of the use of homeopathy in general for fever management shows the need to map the current research evidence on this topic. Systematic scoping reviews can be very useful for mapping research evidence and are frequently used to identify research gaps, clarify key concepts, and report on the types of evidence that address and inform practice in a research field.

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