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What is this project about?

Scientific research can only inform medical practice and decision-making if the information generated is easily accessible. Before CORE-Hom, the only databases available on clinical research in homeopathy were far from sufficient, often containing only a fraction of the relevant studies and with little or no indication about the quality of the studies they included.

CORE-Hom was designed with the strongest scientific rigor in mind, to offer researchers and the general public a solid foundation from which to assess both the amount and quality of evidence available concerning use of homeopathy for different medical conditions. The Clinical Outcome Research in Homeopathy database covers a wide range of research, from randomised controlled trials to observational studies.

This world-class resource, which was several years in the making, is the result of a close collaboration between HRI and the esteemed Karl und Veronica Carstens Foundation in Germany. At present it consists of over 1200 clinical studies on homeopathy, but as an ongoing project, this will change continually as the database is maintained and expanded.

Registration and use of CORE-Hom are free of charge.

Current status

As an ongoing project, this database is continuously updated as new studies are published.

Dr Alexander Tournier
Why is this project important?

“In this era of evidence based medicine, the ability to locate relevant clinical studies on homeopathy at the click of a button is essential. CORE-Hom provides the most reliable and comprehensive resource in this area worldwide.”
Dr Alexander Tournier, HRI Executive Director



Publications related to this project

CORE-Hom: A powerful and exhaustive database of clinical trials in homeopathy
Clausen J, Moss S, Tournier A, Ludtke K, Albrecht H.
Homeopathy 2014; 103: 219-223 [Abstract]

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