Clificol is an internet-based database designed to collect clinical cases of homeopaths around the world.

It is supported by all major homeopathic organisations worldwide, is fully GDPR compliant and free-to-access for homeopathic practitioners, who are encouraged to share their cases and experiences on the platform. The database enables the description of clusters of common symptoms per remedy for common complaints, which will help practitioners enhance their daily practice.

The reason for HRI’s involvement in the Clificol project is the potential for this clinical case collection to enable a better understanding of the link between clinical symptoms, remedy prescription and case success/failure (as the case may be). The link between symptom pictures and remedy prescription is at the heart of homeopathy – conceptualised as ‘individualisation’ and ‘law of similars’. Such data collection offers the perspective of better understanding these relationships and testing these core homeopathic concepts.

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