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Completed projects

HRI began funding projects in 2010. A number of projects supported by the Institute have reached completion:

    • ADHD case series following the treatment of 20 children

      This study found that children receiving homeopathy in addition to conventional care improved more than those who received conventional treatment alone. The homeopathic group was also shown to continue to improve for at least a year after treatment.

    • Pilot study into the Homeopathic treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

      Initial analysis of the results of this study suggest that patients receiving homeopathy in addition to conventional care improved more than those receiving conventional care alone. The homeopathic group also improved more than a control group receiving ‘supportive listening’, suggesting that the clinical improvements seen after homeopathic treatment cannot be attributed entirely to the therapeutic effects of the ‘time and attention’ given to the patient during the consultation.

    • Investigating the physico-chemical properties of high dilutions

      Results indicate that adding a drop of a liquid homeopathic medicine (or ‘potency’), induces greater ordering in solution and in particular enhance the exclusion zone known to exist adjacent to hydrophilic surfaces – a phenomenon not seen with unsuccussed liquids.

    • Homeopathy in the treatment of depression

      Findings of HRI-funded research suggest that homeopathy can be effective for patients with depression. Although more research is needed, the best evidence shows homeopathy to be comparable to antidepressants and superior to placebo, with no evidence of harmful side effects.


Completed projects-144640187

Completed projects-144640187
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