How do homeopathic medicines work?

What is the exact mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines? This is the burning question, both for advocates of homeopathy and critics of homeopathy alike.

Some homeopathic medicines are at low enough dilutions to contain molecules of the original substance (usually a plant or mineral) from which they are made, but others are diluted beyond the point at which you expect any molecules of the original substance to be present; it is these ‘high dilutions’ which make homeopathy controversial in certain circles.

For HRI, supporting projects which will help us understand more about how homeopathic medicines work are an important priority.

Current projects:

Investigating the physico-chemical properties of high dilutions
During manufacturing, homeopathic medicines are repeatedly succussed (shaken vigorously). The question is, how does this process change the solutions and make homeopathic medicines biologically active?

Basophil degranulation experiments
The aim of this project led by IKIM is to restart investigations into basophil degranulation experiments in collaboration with the Hiscia Institute.

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