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Peer reviewed journal articles

Peer reviewed journals are considered the most reliable source of scientific information. These articles have either been written by members of the HRI team or relate to projects funded by HRI.

HRI-funded project

Homeopathy in the treatment of depression: a systematic review Open Access

Viksveen P, Fibert P, Relton C.
Eur. J. Integr. Med., 2018; 22: 22-36
Full text

HRI-funded project

Polar dyes can be used to detect the presence of homeopathic preparations Open Access

Cartwright, Steven J
Homeopathy 2018; 107(01): 019-031
Abstract | Full text

HRI affiliated author

Physicochemical Investigations of Homeopathic Preparations: A Systematic Review and Bibliometric Analysis-Part 1 Open Access

Klein SD, Würtenberger S, Wolf U, Baumgartner S, Tournier A.
J Altern Complement Med. 2018 Jan 29. doi: 10.1089/acm.2017.0249
Abstract  | Full text

HRI Malta 2017: Presentation Abstracts Open Access

Homeopathy 2018; 107
Full text

HRI affiliated authors

HRI Malta 2017: Homeopathy Research-Past, Present and Future Open Access

Tournier, AL, Roberts ER
Homeopathy. 2018 Feb;107(1):1-2
Full text

HRI-funded trial gives rise to first qualitative study of depressed patients' experiences of homeopathy treatment

Depressed patients’ experiences with and perspectives on treatment provided by homeopaths. A qualitative interview study embedded in a trial Open Access

Viksveen P. Relton C.
Eur J Integr Med, 2017; 15:73-80
Full text

HRI-funded trial demonstrates effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for depression

Depressed patients treated by homeopaths: a randomised controlled trial using the “cohort multiple randomised controlled trial” (cmRCT) design Open Access

Viksveen P. Relton C. Nicholl J.
Trials, 2017; 18:299
Full text

HRI-funded project's new findings confirm effect of high dilutions on specialist dyes

Interaction of homeopathic potencies with the water soluble solvatochromic dye bis-dimethylaminofuchsone. Part 1: pH studies Open Access

Cartwright, SJ.
Homeopathy, 2017;106(1):37-46
Full text

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