Why is HRI needed?

Why is HRI needed?

Whilst homeopathy is widely accepted in some countries e.g. France, Germany and India, it remains controversial in others. In this era of ‘evidence informed practice’, this will remain the case until we can provide decision-makers with more information about how homeopathy works and what it can do. Carrying out research of such high quality that its findings are indisputable, is therefore the only way to move past the current impasse in the highly charged homeopathy debate.

Despite its potential, research in homeopathy is not a government priority. For example, in the UK only 0.0085%1 of the total medical research budget is spent on the entire field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, of which homeopathy is only one example. Until this changes, the work of HRI is essential.

“HRI is a leading player on research into homeopathy and plays an important role in the development of the highest scientific standards in this field.”

David Reckeweg-Lecompte
President, ECHAMP


  1. George T Lewith, Funding for CAM. BMJ, 2007; 335 (7627): 951 | PubMed

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