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HRI strategic aims

HRI is dedicated to promoting cutting-edge research in homeopathy, using the most rigorous methods available, and communicating the results of such work beyond the usual academic circles.

In the current climate where misinformation about homeopathy in the mainstream media is rife, there is also a need for clear communication of the facts about the evidence base for homeopathy, both to our fellow scientists and the general public.

HRI therefore aims to provide decision makers, academics, healthcare practitioners and patients with reliable, academically sound information about homeopathy.

To achieve these goals, we focus our efforts on the following key areas:

1. Conducting the research: Promoting high quality scientific research in homeopathy

With many new studies urgently needed and limited resources available, HRI works to ensure that research efforts are as effective as possible by,

  • Setting the research agenda – focusing research efforts towards areas of greatest clinical need and where homeopathy (based on existing evidence) has the greatest potential to be effective
  • Providing an expert peer review process for external research projects to raise the quality of research conducted in this field
  • Providing practical and academic guidance to help individuals with limited research experience to set up new projects
  • Channelling funds to research projects found to be most promising.

2. Communicating the research: Providing accurate and objective information to multiple audiences

HRI aims to bring academically reliable information to a wide international audience, in an easy to understand form. This audience includes the general public, scientists, healthcare providers, healthcare policy makers, government and the media. HRI has several communication routes, allowing us meet the different needs of these various groups effectively i.e.:

  • CORE-Hom world class database – HRI is proud to have collaborated with the Carstens Foundation to create a new online database, freely available to all, which gives direct access to clinical research studies on homeopathy
  • HRI International Homeopathy Research Conferences are held biennially to publicise the latest findings in the field and foster scientific collaborations
  • HRI’s researcher directory shows activity in the field worldwide and promotes new research collaborations between scientists around the world
  • The HRI Research in Focus (RIF) Articles present key research findings in a plain English format, similar to magazines such as New Scientist
  • HRI also provides expert input to external individuals and organisations requesting reliable, accurate data about research in homeopathy.

3. Developing the field: Training homeopathy researchers of the future

As homeopathy research is such a new field, there is a lack of suitably qualified researchers. Providing funding to MSc students, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers will, in the long-term, increase the capacity to carry out rigorous scientific research in homeopathy.

We believe high quality scientific research in homeopathy to be both necessary and achievable.

Dr Alexander Tournier, HRI Executive Director

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