We wish to thank the following organisations and companies who have – in addition to our primary funder Mr Charles Wansbrough – provided financial support to HRI:

The Blackie Foundation Trust was founded by Dr. Margery Blackie in 1971, when she was homeopathic physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Blackie Foundation Trust aims to support trials in clinical and scientific research into its mode of action.

Helios Pharmacy, established in 1987, is one of the UK’s leading homoeopathic pharmacies, supplying homeopathic remedies to practitioners, their patients, pharmacies and the public worldwide. Our remedies are prepared by hand to traditional Hahnemanian principals and we employ qualified homoeopaths throughout, providing a unique working environment with a high level of expertise.

Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy has been established since 2005. HKAH has been has been committed to promote the concept of classical Homeopathy, popularise the education and professional ethics, advocate the establishment of a sound system of registration and regulation of homeopathy, support the Great China region, ensure the overall quality of homeopathy in Hong Kong, and increase the social awareness and image of homeopathy, achieving the mission of ‘Homeopathy for all’.

Living Homeopathy was founded in 1994 by Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun, dedicated to the promotion of Classical Homeopathy, dedicated to understanding the concepts of holistic medicine, and redirecting patient’s paths towards physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The School of Homeopathy, established in 1981, has students in over 50 countries, and offers a comprehensive study program with a proven track record. Their passion for advancing and spreading homeopathy to the highest level has given the courses a leading edge and helped to create an international benchmark. The School is fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths.



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