Funding policy

HRI is grateful to all those who contribute financially to support the work of the Homeopathy Research Institute, from donations made by private individuals to grants from other like-minded organisations who share our goals.

We recognise the importance of transparency regarding the funding of charitable organisations. As an independent UK charity, HRI’s annual trustees reports and accounts can be found on the Charity Commission website.

HRI aims to be funded preferentially by individual donors and non-profit organisations, whilst also receiving support from colleges and manufacturers within the homeopathy sector.

Since HRI was awarded charitable status in 2009, we have received the majority of our financial support from our patrons:

  • Mr Charles Wansbrough
  • Lady Mary Holmes

To date, HRI has also received financial support from non-profit organisations:

  • Blackie Foundation Trust (UK)
  • European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products
    (ECHAMP, Belgium)
  • Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy (Hong Kong)
  • Manchester Homeopathic Clinic (UK)
  • Pen Shell Trust (UK)
  • Software AG – Stiftung (Germany)
  • Tanner Trust (UK)

And from for-profit companies within the homeopathy sector:

  • Helios Homeopathy Limited (UK)
  • Living Homeopathy (Hong Kong)
  • School of Homeopathy (UK)

HRI maintains independence from its funders who do not influence our work in return for their financial support. The only exception is Mr Wansbrough who, as a member of HRI’s Board of Trustees, gives input into HRI governance and strategy.

More information can be found about some of our supporters here.

HRI’s integrity and independence are essential to what we do and as such all donations are accepted on the understanding that these qualities will not be compromised.

Last update: August 2021

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