Fundraising Ideas

Fitness fundraising




Couch to 5k became a popular way to keep fit for many in 2020, given the limited access to sports and gyms. C25K is a running plan which builds up your fitness over 9 weeks, to the point where you can run a full 5km.

Download the C25K app to get started – all you need to do is spare 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Create a fundraising campaign on a platform such as JustGiving, share with friends and family and you’re all set. Give it a try, improve your physical and mental health, and raise vital funds for homeopathy research at the same time.

Get on your bike! Cycling is a fun, safe way to exercise and why not raise money whilst you do it? Whether you’re sponsored per journey or per mile, anything you can raise will be a valuable contribution to HRI’s work.

Skill-based fundraising



Whether you have a passion for baking or just enjoy eating cakes, make the most of your skill by baking for HRI.

Although a traditional bake sale may be out of the question for now, there are other modern ways to go about baking and selling. Some new ideas include direct delivery, virtual bake-offs and raffles/competitions.

Online quizzes can be a fun way to catch up with friends and test your knowledge either individually or as part of a group. Organise your own online quiz in your network, with entry fees to contribute towards a donation to HRI.

Sell to raise money

Most of us have plenty of old clothes or goods which we no longer want or need, so if you’re spending more time around the home, have a clear out and see what you can find. Raise some additional funds for yourself and HRI by selling on eBay or, if you prefer, donate straight to HRI.

Fundraising events

Whether you are taking part in an event yourself, or playing the all important role of event organiser, this can be a fun way to support HRI. Events, however small or large, can benefit the Institute by raising awareness of our work.

So far HRI supporters have,

  • held a free acute homeopathy clinic with patients giving donations to HRI in return for treatment
  • braved a tandem skydive with the Red Devils, and
  • run a half-marathon.

Whatever ideas you come up with, share it with the team on social media or emailing

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss fundraising activity ideas and ways we can help with promotional items e.g. HRI T shirts, collecting tins etc.

Past fundraising events

October 2011 – Suse Moebius raises over £1,400 for HRI, completing the Royal Parks Half Marathon in an impressive 2h:8m:14s!
June 2010 – Rachel Roberts jumps into her new role at HRI, raising £1420 with the help of the Red Devils.

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