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Charles Wansbrough

“I am interested in the scientific paradigm shift which homeopathy may represent. We trust modern medicine and technology and distrust homeopathy because it refuses to abide by present scientific models of reality. In order to overcome such inherent prejudice we need to fund institutes that dare to question the widely accepted scientific world view, and explore new models that expand our understanding.

Homeopathy is far too well established and valued for it to be banished entirely, but until its mechanism of action is understood it will continue to court controversy. The lack of a coherent model to explain how it works restricts the impact homeopathy can have on world healthcare, despite the powerful perspectives at its heart, such as mind/body correlations and new ideas about the properties of matter. It is therefore essential that we fund institutes such as this which encourage scientists in their efforts to answer the key question – how does homeopathy work?”


Living Homeopathy was founded in 1994 by Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun, dedicated to the promotion of Classical Homeopathy, dedicated to understanding the concepts of holistic medicine, and redirecting patient’s paths towards physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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