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We are very grateful to the organisations, companies and individuals who provide continued support to the Homeopathy Research Institute. This takes the form of either financial support or provision of services, as donations in kind.

HRI receives such support from other charitiescolleges and companies working in the homeopathy sector, as well as a variety of like-minded organisations around the world who share our goals.

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“Homeopaths are naturally curious – always interested in what it means to be human and how things work – naturally homeopaths recognise the importance of research. But we need a greater amount of high quality research in homeopathy. Good research helps to further the profession. It validates what we do and it opens new avenues of thinking. The HRI ensures research is done to the highest standards and that it is useful to others inside and outside the profession; pushing forward knowledge and communicating this to others. The School of Homeopathy is proud to support HRI and research in homeopathy”

Mani Norland, Principal, School of Homeopathy

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