We are pleased to announce the 2020 update of placebo-controlled trial data in homeopathy, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Dr Robert Mathie.

The findings from this latest update are as follows:

Total number of randomised controlled trials (RCTs)

2019: 221 RCTs of homeopathic treatment for 118 medical conditions
2020: 233 RCTs of homeopathic treatment for 129 medical conditions

Double-blind placebo-controlled trials only

2019: 133 trials on 80 medical conditions
2020: 140 trials on 86 different medical conditions

After a further year of trial publications, the balance of positive, negative and inconclusive studies remains unchanged from the previous update in 2019. Whilst it is encouraging to see 11 new double-blind RCTs published in 2020, the heterogeneous nature of this section of the homeopathy evidence base remains a concern, with these 11 new trials covering 10 new medical conditions.

Our most popular FAQ webpage has been updated to include:

  • the new 2020 data on homeopathy trials
  • the full list of references for the 140 double-blind placebo controlled trials represented in the pie chart