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HRI Greece 2025: Keynotes announced and registration open

We are delighted to have confirmed our keynote speakers for the 6th HRI conference, which will take place at the Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloni...

The highest level of scientific evidence supports cost-effectiveness of homeopathy – a finding that is unchanged by a recent paper by Leemhuis & Seifert

A  – considered the highest level of scientific evidence – was published in January 2024, providing an overview of cost-effectiveness studies of ho...

HRI Greece 2025 – Save the date!

We are delighted to announce that our next conference will take place in Greece’s beautiful second city, Thessaloniki, from 20-22 June 2025. The ca...

STUDY HIGHLIGHTS No. 9/2023 – Systematic review shows socio-economic relevance of homeopathy

Cost-effectiveness of homeopathy – several scientific studies have investigated this subject. In this ninth issue of our “Study Highlights se...

HRI year in review 2023

As we approach the conclusion of another year, we are delighted to present a summary of some of HRI’s achievements in 2023. Research projects...

STUDY HIGHLIGHTS No. 8/2023 – Benefit of homeopathic treatment on the development of turnip crops

Homeopathy in agriculture – several scientific studies have highlighted the positive effects of homeopathic medicines authorised for humans on the ...

HRI Statement on ADHD Gaertner et al. retraction

On 20 September 2023, the paper “Is homeopathy effective for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? A meta-analysis” by Gaertner et al., was ret...

HRI Statement on Sigurdson et al. 2023

Conventional scientists confirm that clinical trials show homeopathy has beneficial effects beyond placebo, but dismiss the result as ‘noise’. A re...

STUDY HIGHLIGHTS No. 7/2023 – Effectiveness of homeopathy in irritable bowel syndrome

Homeopathy works beyond the placebo effect – numerous high-quality scientific studies demonstrate this. In our “Study Highlights series” we present...

HRI Statement on Closure of Commonwealth Ombudsman Investigation

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has closed its seven-year investigation into Australian Government research institute (NHMRC) for misleading the public ...

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