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STUDY HIGHLIGHTS No. 8/2023 – Benefit of homeopathic treatment on the development of turnip crops

Homeopathy in agriculture – several scientific studies have highlighted the positive effects of homeopathic medicines authorised for humans on the ...

HRI Statement on ADHD Gaertner et al. retraction

On 20 September 2023, the paper “Is homeopathy effective for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? A meta-analysis” by Gaertner et al., was ret...

HRI Statement on Sigurdson et al. 2023

Conventional scientists confirm that clinical trials show homeopathy has beneficial effects beyond placebo, but dismiss the result as ‘noise’. A re...

STUDY HIGHLIGHTS No. 7/2023 – Effectiveness of homeopathy in irritable bowel syndrome

Homeopathy works beyond the placebo effect – numerous high-quality scientific studies demonstrate this. In our “Study Highlights series” we present...

HRI Statement on Closure of Commonwealth Ombudsman Investigation

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has closed its seven-year investigation into Australian Government research institute (NHMRC) for misleading the public ...

HRI London 2023 – An inspiring convergence of leading experts and fresh young minds in homeopathy research

The Homeopathy Research Institute’s 5th international research conference once again took place in the heart of London, from 16-18 June 2023. With ...

STUDY HIGHLIGHTS No. 6/2023 Cost-effectiveness of adding a homeopathic treatment to usual care for preventing recurrence of tonsillitis

21 July 2023 – Cost-effectiveness of homeopathy – several studies have investigated this subject during the last few years. In this sixth issue of ...

Prof Stephan Baumgartner – Latest findings from homeopathy research

Berlin, 12 June 2023. The 5th HRI International Research Conference, organised by the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), from 16-18 June 2023 in ...

Press Release – London Conference Highlights Latest Homeopathy Research

The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) will host its 5th International Research Conference in London from June 16-18, 2023. ‘HRI London 2023’ will...

STUDY HIGHLIGHTS No. 5/2023 – Homeopathy reduces diarrhoea in piglets by 6 times

Berlin, 28 Apr 2023 – Homeopathy works beyond the placebo effect – numerous high-quality scientific studies demonstrate this. In our “Study Highlig...

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