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News & Media

Find the latest news about homeopathy research and the work of HRI. From announcements of new scientific publications, to updates on fundraising events, you will find it all here.


Suppressed NHMRC 2012 report found ‘encouraging evidence’ homeopathy is effective for five conditions

  Australia’s leading research institute, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), recently bowed to public pressure and rele...

NHMRC finally release first report on homeopathy

The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) welcomes the decision by Australia’s NHMRC to release its first report on homeopathy, produced in 2012. Aft...

HRI London 2019 | A Towering Achievement

The Homeopathy Research Institute’s 4th International Research Conference took place in the heart of London from 14-16 June 2019. 352 attendees wit...

HRI Tower of London Fundraising Gala

To mark HRI’s 10th anniversary, we are delighted to be holding a once-in-a-lifetime fundraising event at the Tower of London. Show your support for...

Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) comment on controversial study of high-dilution Rhus toxicodendron

An experimental study investigating the effects of high-dilution preparations of Rhus toxicodendron has sparked controversy in research circles. Th...

HRI London 2019: Full Conference Programme Announced

The full programme for HRI London 2019 is now live and available to view on the conference website. This launch follows rigorous external peer revi...

Educational Grants – call for applications open!

The HRI Educational Grant scheme provides financial support to applicants wishing to improve their knowledge of homeopathy research. Thanks to fund...

Inaccurate research is everyone’s problem

See how the inaccurate Australian Report is damaging Homeopathy worldwide. Ombudsman verdict on the AHA/HRI challenge to this report is imminent....

Metamorphosis of a homeopathy researcher: Marking P.C. Endler’s 60th birthday

The late 1980s was an interesting time for a young biologist to start an academic career as a researcher on homeopathy. Amidst the aggravation in h...

2018: A year of challenging misleading reports on homeopathy

2018 has seen intense activity by HRI’s Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier in countering misrepresentation and distortion of the eviden...

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