69th Congress of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis

For two centuries, thousands of homeopathic medical doctors have treated thousands of patients, all around the world, for most diverse pathologies. Thanks to the publications and the meetings between colleagues – at regional, national and international levels – a huge pool of clinical experience has been and is still being gathered. Today more than ever, this knowledge is circulated thanks to permanent exchanges among practitioners. However, the distribution of this clinical matter seems often very heterogeneous, both in regard to the management and analysis of the cases described by colleagues and in the criteria taken into account for healing. The French LMHI Congress aims to provide an opportunity to reflect and to share experiences. Are there various levels of healing for homoeopaths? If so, which ones? Do they differ from the ones identified by allopaths? A last but fundamental question is: which strategies are applied in clinical practice? They are manifold depending on the teaching you received, on the experience and on the knowledge you acquired, on the opportunities offered by your consultations, even on the ideology of some.