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News & Media

Find the latest news about homeopathy research and the work of HRI. From announcements of new scientific publications, to updates on fundraising events, you will find it all here.


HRI London 2019: Highest calibre conference to date provides fitting celebration of 10 years of HRI

Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier Summer 2019 Full text...

HRI Malta 2017: Looking to the future on an historic island

Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier Summer 2017 Full text...

Pediatric atopic diseases: short- and long-term results of homeopathic treatment

Dr Elio Rossi et al. Winter 2016 Full text...

21 years of progress in homeopathy research

Prof P. Christian Endler and Dr Corinne Kraus Autumn 2016 Full text...

Improved quality of life and reduction of conventional drugs in allergic patients treated with homeopathy

Dr Rosaria Ferreri et al. Summer 2016 Full text...

Chemical dyes can detect presence of homeopathic high dilutions

Dr Alexander Tournier and Rachel Roberts Winter 2015 Full text...

The best studies show individualised homeopathic treatment has beneficial effects beyond placebo

Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier Autumn 2015 Full text...

HRI Rome 2015: Homeopathy research gathers worldwide momentum

Dr Alexander Tournier and Rachel Roberts Summer 2015 Full text...

Gelsemium sempervirens effects in vitro: A bridge between homeopathy and molecular biology?

Dr Debora Olioso Winter 2014 Full text...

Pilot study demonstrates effectiveness of homeopathy in treating symptomatic urinary tract infections in patients with spinal cord injury

Professor Jürgen Pannek Autumn 2014 Full text...