As we approach the conclusion of another year, we are delighted to present a summary of some of HRI’s achievements in 2023.

Research projects

Five HRI-supported research projects were progressed:

Two of these projects generated peer-reviewed publications this year – Dr Cartwright’s work with solvatochromic dyes (Cartwright, Homeopathy 2023) and the Clificol data collection project (Tournier et al. Integrative Medicine Reports, 2023).

HRI London 2023

In June, more than 230 attendees from 27 countries attended our 5th international homeopathy research conference in London. 61 researchers from 15 countries presented their work. Filmed presentations and abstracts can be viewed here

External presentations

We were pleased to be able to present the latest research in homeopathy to audiences around the world at a range of conferences, media events and expert meetings, including the 36th Brazilian Congress of Homeopathy, the World Congress for Integrative Medicine (Rome) and the joint American Institute for Homeopathy/GIRI Congress in the USA.

RCT data update

In April, HRI published the latest update of randomised controlled trials in homeopathy, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Dr Robert Mathie. This project was made possible thanks to the generosity of multiple individual donors donating via the HRI website.

Thank you to everyone who supported our work in 2023. If you would like to help us achieve even more in 2024, please consider making a donation here.