We’ve teamed up with Don’t Send Me A Card for some festive fundraising.
Unlike traditional charity fundraising cards, DontSendMeACard.com donates every single penny to HRI.

This year we’d love you to choose one of our e-cards for your Season’s Greetings and donate the usual cost of printed cards and postage to HRI.

Send as an individual in English, French or German, or use our corporate/business e-cards to mail to all your work contacts in any of these languages. Take your pick from our three designs, one of which is branded with our logo. Businesses can also brand the e-cards with their own logo.

Besides offering a swift and easy solution, e-cards are environment-friendly and the platform is GDPR compliant so all your addressee details will be safe too. If you’re mailing from the UK, please don’t forget to select the Gift Aid option.

Happy mailing and thank you for your support!