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As homeopathy research gains momentum, interest in the field is growing. These events are your opportunity to engage and learn and become part of this rapidly evolving global community.

HRI Events

HRI London 2019

14 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

The Homeopathy Research Institute’s 4th International Research Conference, ‘Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy’, will take place in London from 14-16 June 2019.  Delegates can expect a fast-paced programme of the highest calibre research at a stunning location in the centre of London.

Tower of London Fundraising Gala

15 June 2019
London, UK

HRI is hosting a gala in the historic Tower of London to raise the funds needed for us to continue our work in advancing the field of homeopathic research. The Tower Gala coincides with HRI’s 4th international research conference.