EasyChair reviewing system FAQs

We have put together the most frequent questions regarding EasyChair so as to facilitate the review process.

1 – Do you have an EasyChair account?

In order to see the abstracts assigned to you and submit your reviews you need to have an EasyChair account. You can sign up for one here:


2 – Forgotten your login details / password ?

If you have an EasyChair account but have forgotten your login details/password, you can get them back from here:


3 – Somehow I only have ‘Author’ status, can’t see anything else

Make sure the email address you used to register into EasyChair is the same as the one we used to invite you to review the abstracts.

If you have two different emails addresses in use, go to ‘EasyChair’ / ‘My Accounts’ and go to the ‘Email addresses’ page (on the right) where you can declare your second address and then the system should recognise you as a reviewer (ie. PC Member).

4 – Where are the abstracts I’ve been assigned ?

You’ll find the abstracts you’ve been assigned under ‘Reviews’ and ‘My papers’. You can see the actual abstracts by clicking on the blue ‘!’.

5 – How do I submit my review

Under ‘Review’ / ‘My Papers’ you will find the list of abstracts assigned to you. For each abstract you will see a “+” sign, this will lead you to a page where you can submit your review.


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