HRI is pleased to be achieving an increasing level of European media coverage in 2022, enabling us to provide accurate information on homeopathy research to a wider international audience.

Executive Director, Dr Alexander Tournier, featured in the German magazine TV Hören und Senden, with a double-page interview focusing on how his research interests shifted from conventional biophysics to homeopathy, current fundamental research in homeopathy and his role with HRI.

Chief Executive, Rachel Roberts, was interviewed for Italian woman’s magazine Donna Moderna about clinical research in homeopathy, as well as a broader discussion about ways to support the immune system.

Meanwhile, HRI’s first Study Highlight press release – presenting the Yakir et al. 2019 study on homeopathic treatment for PMS syndrome – was covered in an article on the widely-read Natur Heilpraxis website.

We look forward to generating further output, and making accurate information on homeopathic research accessible to new audiences, as the year progresses.

TV Hören und Sehen – 25/03/2022