Rachel Roberts, HRI Chief Executive, was honoured to meet HRH The Prince of Wales at a reception held at the Highgrove estate on 24th July 2017. The event, hosted by the College of Medicine, brought together key individuals from across the Complementary Healthcare sector in the UK.

HRH The Prince of Wales, the Queen and the late Queen Mother have all been strong advocates of Complementary Medicine, in particular Homeopathy, which they have always used for their own healthcare alongside conventional medicine.

Prince Charles has openly defended and promoted use of Complementary Medicine for decades, but Rachel was delighted to discover from her conversation with HRH that his interest extends to scientific research in this field. Discussing the constant personal media attacks that face anyone who takes a high profile in defending homeopathy, HRH expressed his view that research is essential if we are to find a way beyond the current debate – a view clearly shared by all who work for the Homeopathy Research Institute.

HRH offered a heartening message of support and encouragement to Rachel with his parting words: “I am very glad you are here and I am very glad you do what you do.”

Rachel Roberts – HRI Chief Executive, Doug Ferguson, Clare Ferguson – Nelsons Chief Executive (centre), HRH the Prince of Wales and Robert Wilson – Nelsons Chairman (right)

On a day celebrating achievements as well as looking firmly to the future, Rachel was delighted to be the guest of Robert Wilson, Chairman of Nelsons. As Europe’s oldest established homeopathic manufacturing company, Nelsons has been preparing and dispensing homeopathic medicines from their pharmacy in Duke Street, Mayfair, since 1860.

Having been one of the original team of homeopaths at the Duke Street clinic which opened in the early 2000s, Rachel was delighted to meet Robert and other members of the current Nelsons Executive team – Patrick Wilson (Deputy Chairman and International Director) and Clare Ferguson (Chief Executive Officer).

It was a pleasure and honour to be part of such a special event, taking a rare opportunity to celebrate with colleagues and to feel the passionate support of HRH The Prince of Wales.