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Find the latest news about homeopathy research and the work of HRI. From announcements of new scientific publications, to updates on fundraising events, you will find it all here.

Research News

Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) comment on controversial study of high-dilution Rhus toxicodendron

An experimental study investigating the effects of high-dilution preparations of Rhus toxicodendron has sparked controversy in research circles. Th...

‘New Horizons in Water Science’: Evidence for Homeopathy?

Royal Society of Medicine, London, 14 July 2018 Dr Alexander Tournier (HRI Executive Director) and Ms Rachel Roberts (HRI Chief Executive) were del...

NHS surgeries employing GPs trained in CAM prescribe less antibiotics

A recent study – published in the British Medical Journal – has shown that NHS GP surgeries employing GPs who are also trained in integrative and c...

HRI-Funded research shows that polar dyes can be used to detect the presence of homeopathic preparations

The latest HRI-funded research to be published shows that polar dyes can be used to detect the presence of homeopathic preparations. State of the a...

HRI-funded research detects physico-chemical difference between homeopathic preparations and water

As the first major HRI research project reaches publication, researcher Dr Steven Cartwright explains this exciting project here....

BMJ Homeopathy Debate – Should homeopathy be recommended by doctors?

Dr Peter Fisher from the NHS Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine goes head-to-head with arch critic of homeopathy Prof Edzard Ernst. Watc...

HRI response to seriously flawed safety study published

In November 2012, the article ‘Adverse effects of homeopathy: a systematic review of published case reports and case series’, co-author...

Randomised controlled trials of homeopathy in humans: characterising the research journal literature for systematic review

HRI Scientific Advisory Committee member, Dr Robert Mathie, has carried outa programme of new systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials (R...

Improving Reproducibility of Homeopathic Experiments

August 30th 2012 Dr Stephan Baumgartner, HRI Scientific Advisory Committee member, has published the results of his international collaboration, wo...

Plausibility and evidence: the case of homeopathy

May 24th 2012 Plausibility and evidence: the case of homeopathy by Lex Rutten, Robert T. Mathie, Peter Fisher, Maria Goossens and Michel van Wassen...