Now live in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Our Frequently Asked Questions webpages take the most commonly repeated statements about homeopathy and give clear evidence-based answers.

Following requests for this valuable resource to be made available to a wider audience worldwide, and thanks to financial support for translation from ECHAMP, the Homeopathy FAQs are now available in four new languages:

Homéopathie – FAQsFAQ HomöopathieFAQs sull’OmeopatiaFAQ sobre homeopatía

The Homeopathy Debate – How you can help by using HRI’s FAQs

Whatever your first language, we encourage you to add a direct link to the FAQs on your website.

The more people link to these pages, the higher they will rate in search engine searches, making it more likely that they will be found by those searching for information about homeopathy.

So, linking to the pages will really help. If you decide to join in with this initiative and link up to the pages, please let us know via, so we can track how the FAQs are being used.

Thank you for helping us to get accurate information out there!

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Rachel Roberts & Alexander Tournier
HRI Management Team