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Find the latest news about homeopathy research and the work of HRI. From announcements of new scientific publications, to updates on fundraising events, you will find it all here.


Montagnier moves to China to continue investigating high dilutions

February 4th 2011 French virologist Prof Luc Montagnier, who won a Nobel prize in 2008 for his role in discovering HIV, has announced that he will ...

New CAM-quest database is launched

December 8th 2010 The Carstens Foundation in Germany has created a database designed as a search tool for people interested in responsible informat...

Homeopathy research at the International Congress of Complementary Medicine Research

June 21st 2010 The 5th International Congress on Complementary Research (ICCMR) recently held in Tromsø, Norway attracted over 400 CAM researchers....

Long term health improvements of homeopathy users

March 20th 2010 An 8-year longitudinal cohort study of over 3500 adults and children found that “patients who seek homeopathic treatment are ...

Homeopathic remedies produce specific symptoms different from placebo

December 7th 2009 Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trials Produce Specific Symptoms Different from Placebo Statistically significant differences between th...

A trial of homeopathy for moderate to severe depression

October 7th 2009 The World Health Organisation estimates that 4.5% of the population worldwide experience depression at some point in their lifetim...