Issue 42 Spring 2021

More than placebo

Scientists give their opinion on homeopathy

Experts explain how laboratory and clinical research studies contradict the idea homeopathy is only placebo.

HRI researcher directory

Need to find a researcher?

The HRI researcher directory has had a makeover! If you are the author of a homeopathy-related article published in a peer-reviewed journal, please sign up to be included in our new and improved directory, designed to help academics from within the sector, and externally, to identify experts in sub fields of homeopathy research anywhere in the world by skill set and area of interest.

HRI wins prestigious award

Peter Fisher Memorial Award 2021

We are delighted to announce that HRI and Chief Executive Rachel Roberts have been jointly chosen as winners of the Peter Fisher Memorial Award, awarded by the National Center for Homeopathy to acknowledge a substantial contribution to homeopathy research.

HRI Conference 2022

See you in June 2022!

Given the continued challenges with hosting international events, the 5th HRI Conference will now take place in June 2022. We look forward to announcing the finalised date and venue shortly.

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Easy ways to support our work

As always, we need your help to carry on doing what we do. Discover easy ways to support HRI, including automatically generating donations when you shop online as well as new fundraising ideas.

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Professor Voeikov

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