Issue 34 Spring 2017

Ombudsman Challenge Latest

The complaint made to the Commonwealth Ombudsman regarding NHMRC’s failings during its 2010-2015 review of the evidence on homeopathy is on-going.

NHMRC did this review twice, burying the first version, claiming it was poor quality. However recent evidence has surfaced about this ‘missing review’. Professor Fred Mendelsohn, a member of the committee in charge of the review process, confirmed the first review to be high quality saying, “I am impressed by the rigor, thoroughness and systematic approach given to this evaluation of the published reviews of efficacy and side effects of homeopathy [….] Overall, a lot of excellent work has gone into this review and the results are presented in a systematic, unbiased and convincing manner.” Find out more here.

For the first time we are also able to release extensive details of HRI’s analysis of the Australian report, presented by Rachel Roberts at the HRI conference in Malta.

Finally, following repeated requests for further technical detail on certain key points regarding the NHMRC report, HRI has provided a new Australian Report FAQs page.

Campaign to Protect Patient Choice

Be part of a global campaign to protect your right to choose homeopathy and to call for a Senate inquiry into the NHMRC 2015 report on homeopathy. To hear why this campaign needs your help click here.
Join the campaign.

Homeopathy Impact Factor Increased

The journal ‘Homeopathy’, published by the Faculty of Homeopathy, is the only Medline/PubMed indexed journal in this specialist branch of medicine. The new Impact Factor (a recognised measure of academic quality) is now 1.16 – an increase of more than 50% on its previous assessment – which serves to consolidate the journal’s position as the world’s leading publication for scholarly articles on homeopathy. More

HRI Projects Published

It has been a busy time for our projects with many nearing completion and giving rise to to high quality publications. For example, Dr Robert Mathie’s programme of systematic reviews has published latest meta-analysis findings of non-individualised homeopathy and Dr Petter Viksveen’s clinical trial of homeopathy in self-reported depression. HRI is committed to supporting high quality research in homeopathy and we are delighted to see that our projects are bearing such high calibre fruit. For full details of the projects that HRI supports and for more information on the ways that you can support them please click here.

In Memoriam – Stephen Gordon

This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Gordon. Stephen was a unifying force for homeopathy working tirelessly across the whole of Europe for over three decades. He was an esteemed colleague, friend and gentle soul. We are deeply saddened by his passing on the 8th of July after a short battle with cancer. Our heartfelt condolences go to Stephen’s family. He will be greatly missed and we hope that our continuing work and dedication to homeopathy will honour Stephen’s life and the immeasurable impact he has had on us all professionally and personally.

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