Issue 29 Autumn 2015
HRI Research Article

The best studies show individualised homeopathic treatment has beneficial effects beyond placebo
In this Autumn edition of the quarterly HRI Research Article, Rachel Roberts and Alexander Tournier summarise the recent systematic review and meta-analysis by Mathie et al. The findings of this rigorous study fundamentally challenge claims that homeopathy is purely a placebo effect.

HRI Research News

Major HRI-funded project reaches publication

“This paper firmly establishes the use of solvatochromic dyes as molecular probes of potencies and provides a springboard for lines of research that will provide much greater insight into the nature of homeopathic medicines and how they work than has been possible until now.”
Dr Steven Cartwright, HRI Researcher
Steven explains his project here and read the full text.

HRI Rome 2015 Films

Watch, learn and support HRI 

43 individual speaker presentations are now available. Select single films for £1-3 each, pick a research-themed playlists or buy the complete Rome ‘boxset’ for only £50. Our thanks go to the presenters for making this possible to raise much-needed funds for HRI. Presentations by Dr Steven Cartwright, Dr Peter Fisher and Dr Robert Mathie can be viewed free of charge.

Finding Reliable Evidence

What evidence is there for homeopathic treatment of a specific medical condition?

Ever asked that question? If so, you need the CORE-Hom database. A quick sign up gives you free access to over 1000 clinical studies, quality-rated by experts. Take advantage of this unique world class database, created by Carstens Stiftung and developed by HRI.

Hear from the experts

Dr Robert Mathie – HRI Rome 2015

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