Issue 31 Summer 2016

Research in Focus

Homeopathic Treatment of Respiratory Allergies

In this latest edition of our Research in Focus series Dr Ferreri and colleagues describe the success of an integrated homeopathic protocol used from 2011-2014 to treat 430 patients with respiratory allergies in the Centre for Integrated Medicine, Pitigliano, Tuscany.

HRI Malta 2017

Conference website and online booking now live!
Full details of the 3rd HRI International Homeopathy Research Conference (9-11 June 2017) are now available online. Whether you are thinking of presenting, attending or being a sponsor/exhibitor for this event, everything you need to know can be found at

Dr Robert Mathie joins HRI

HRI has extended a warm welcome to Dr Robert Mathie, whose crucial programme of systematically examining the randomised controlled trial evidence base for homeopathy, will now continue under HRI affiliation.

Dr Mathie held the post of Research Development Adviser at the British Homeopathic Association for many years during which he led clinical data collection projects with the Faculty of Homeopathy’s doctors, dentists and veterinarians. In a key initiative to identify robust evidence in homeopathy, Robert extended his work in reviewing and clarifying the literature through a major programme of systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials. Research publications in homeopathy have since been achieved in over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Hear from the experts

Dr Concepcion Campa, Finlay Institute, Cuba

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