Issue 51 Summer 2023

HRI London 2023

Premier homeopathy research event returns

After a 4-year hiatus, HRI London 2023 brought the homeopathic research community together once more, to stimulate and encourage their vital work. We are delighted to share the conference report, event highlights and gallery. Abstracts can be viewed now in the Printed Programme PDF and full proceedings will be published in the journal Homeopathy journal in February 2024.

Events coming this Autumn

Next opportunities to hear from the HRI team

HRI will be represented at multiple events this Autumn: Dr Alexander Tournier and Dr Esther van der Werf will be presenting at the ICIM Congress 2023 in Rome in September, and Dr Tournier and Rachel Roberts will be joining the XXXVI GIRI meeting in the US this October. You can also hear from Dr van der Werf, presenting on Clinical Research in Homeopathy, as part of the LMHI Webinar Series on 19 August.

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Filmed presentations from HRI London 2023 will be free to view for all in September, but please consider making a donation to support this and also enable HRI to do more over the coming year.

HRI London 2023 Highlights

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