Issue 26 Winter 2014
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Effects of Gelsemium in vitro: A bridge between homeopathy and molecular biology?

Recent studies conducted in human/animal cells have suggested that homeopathic remedies may have an effect on gene regulation, leading to correction of disease at a cellular level. More
HRI Rome Conference 2015

HRI Rome 2015 – abstracts are in!
Many thanks to those who have inundated us with abstracts in the last few months and particularly in the last few days! As the peer review process begins, the early news is that the quality, depth and breadth of the abstracts looks set to generate a superb programme for the 2nd HRI Research Conference (to be announced in February 2015). To find out more, see our Attendee Guide, Sponsor Guide or visit www.HRIRome2015.

Calling all researchers 

Join the HRI researchers directory

Whether you are a novice or an expert, carrying out research in the laboratory, the clinic or the farm, if you have published a paper on homeopathy in a peer-reviewed journal, then we need to hear form you. Please join our global research directory today by clicking on our website and following the prompts. More

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