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Inaccurate research is everyone’s problem

See how the inaccurate Australian Report is damaging Homeopathy worldwide. Ombudsman verdict on the AHA/HRI challenge to this report is imminent....

Metamorphosis of a homeopathy researcher: Marking P.C. Endler’s 60th birthday

The late 1980s was an interesting time for a young biologist to start an academic career as a researcher on homeopathy. Amidst the aggravation in h...

2018: A year of challenging misleading reports on homeopathy

2018 has seen intense activity by HRI’s Rachel Roberts and Dr Alexander Tournier in countering misrepresentation and distortion of the eviden...

HRI London 2019 – Call for Abstracts closed

HRI’s 4th International Research Conference will take place in London from 14-16 June 2019. The deadline for submitting abstracts has now pas...

Registration opens for London 2019 Conference

Registration for the HRI London 2019 is now open. The Homeopathy Research Institute’s 4th International Research Conference, ‘Cutting Edge Research...

‘New Horizons in Water Science’: Evidence for Homeopathy?

Royal Society of Medicine, London, 14 July 2018 Dr Alexander Tournier (HRI Executive Director) and Ms Rachel Roberts (HRI Chief Executive) were del...

HRI-supported researcher presents PhD findings at international congress

The Israeli Society for ADHD recently held an international congress in Tel Aviv, during which HRI-supported researcher Philippa Fibert presented t...

NHS surgeries employing GPs trained in CAM prescribe less antibiotics

A recent study – published in the British Medical Journal – has shown that NHS GP surgeries employing GPs who are also trained in integrative and c...

HRI strengthens links with India

In January 2018, Rachel Roberts (HRI Chief Executive), was delighted to accept an invitation extended by the Government of India for a two-week vis...

HRI-Funded research shows that polar dyes can be used to detect the presence of homeopathic preparations

The latest HRI-funded research to be published shows that polar dyes can be used to detect the presence of homeopathic preparations. State of the a...

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