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And now Brazilian Portuguese and Russian!

Having recently extended our multilingual FAQs to incorporate Simplified and Traditional Chinese, we are pleased that this resource is now available in Brazilian Portuguese and Russian!

This addition has once again been made possible with financial support from ECHAMP and further widens the audience to which we can reach and deliver essential information on homeopathy.

Our Frequently Asked Questions pages give clear evidence-based answers to the most commonly repeated statements about homeopathy.

The Homeopathy Debate – How you can help by using HRI’s FAQs

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The more people link to these pages, the more likely they are to found when people search for information about homeopathy.

If you decide to join in with this initiative and link up to the pages, please let us know via, so we can track how the FAQs are being used.

Making FAQs available in different languages is a costly process. Although we have received generous support from ECHAMP so far, we still need your help. Please consider supporting HRI by making a donation. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way to spreading valuable information across the world.