March 22nd 2012

On 14 March, Mr Jim Eadie MSP and the British Homeopathic Association hosted an event at the Scottish Parliament to raise awareness of the role homeopathy could play in cleaning up the food chain, by replacing, and therefore reducing the use of, antibiotics. Political interest in this issue has been heightened since the announcement late last year that the EU is funding a €2 million research project investigating how homeopathy can be used to treat farm animals and reduce the use of antibiotics.

Geoff Johnson, a member of the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons, spoke about ways in which vets in the UK have successfully integrated homeopathy into veterinary practice. The event was attended by several MSPs as well as representatives from across the homeopathic community. Alexander Tournier, HRI Executive Director, was pleased to be able to attend and to take this valuable opportunity to put the case for investment in rigorous scientific research in homeopathy to members of the Scottish Parliament.