The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) and the Samueli Foundation were proud to co-host an international meeting on ‘Homeopathy Mechanism, Methods and Measurement’ in Paris in September 2019. The ‘HM3 Initiative’ brought together experts in fundamental homeopathy research and related external scientific fields (e.g. water research and nanopharmacology) for two days of deep discussion on the topic of the mode of action of homeopathy.

This intensive collaboration between experts from six countries aimed to clarify the best way forward to answer the key question facing homeopathy: how do homeopathic remedies work? Discussion focused around experiments to investigate existing theories as well as those which may introduce entirely new hypotheses.

We are pleased to share a meeting report on this important event, which established a rich collaborative spirit between individual research teams and generated discussions which will inform novel research in this important field for years to come.