March 22nd 2012

The Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) congress series is the most attended in the field of homeopathy, commonly gathering some 700 homeopaths every year in different parts of the world. The 66th Liga Congress, held in India, a land which numbers its homeopaths in the tens of thousands, saw a massive show of some 2000 delegates over the 4 days of the conference.

We were delighted that HRI Executive Director, Dr Alexander Tournier, was invited to present the latest quantum theories (Quantum Coherence Domains) which could explain the physics behind homeopathic dilutions.

HRI Trustee, Clare Relton, from the University of Sheffield, presented her work on pragmatic trial design and a pilot study looking at treatment by a homeopath for menopausal hot flushes. HRI made the most of the great opportunity to exchange ideas with homeopaths and researchers from around the world, such as Michel van Wassenhoven from Belgium, and Prof Bellare and Prof Mahata from India.

Our representatives, including Chief Executive Rachel Roberts, were particularly pleased to meet with the Indian vice-president of LMHI, Dr. Satinder Pal Singh Bakshi, and to connect with members of India’s Central Council for Research into Homeopathy (CCRH). The Central Council is doing great work, including publication of a peer-reviewed journal – the Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy (IJRH).