Over the past few weeks and months, you may have noticed the HRI social media profile expanding as we address the challenge of encouraging the next generation of practitioners and graduates to embrace research. This starts with familiarisation with the work of the movers and shakers in the profession.

Who are Fisher, Baumgartner, Thompson, Bracho, Endler, Rossi, Bell, Castro and Tournier? What are they discovering by applying modern scientific methods to homeopathy?

40 professional films are now available to view online so you can hear first-hand from these world experts, presenting their latest findings at the HRI conference in Barcelona. Find out more at http://www.HRIBarcelona2013.org/films.

This valuable resource is already being put to good use, with leading establishments such as Sydney UniversityEndeavour College of Natural Health (the largest natural medicine college in the world) and The Australian Homeopathic Association having purchased licences for members and students.

If you are involved in education, these films are a perfect way to keep you and your students up to date on the latest research.

If you would like to use the films as course content, whether to liven up class-based or online learning, or to incorporate in student assignments, institutional licences and group code discounts are available. For further information contact communications@homeoinst.org.