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Researchers directory

33 results

Improvements seen in independent reproducibility of homeopathic basic research results

Synopsis by Suse Moebius of ‘Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10-23: A bibliometric study.’ Endler PC, Thieves K, Reich C, Matthiessen P, Bonamin L, Scherr C, Baumgartner S. Homeopathy, 2010; 99: 25-36 Synopsis | Abstract


Homeopathy research at the International Congress of Complementary Medicine Research

June 21st 2010 The 5th International Congress on Complementary Research (ICCMR) recently held in Tromsø, Norway attracted over 400 CAM researchers. There were over a dozen presentations covering a wide range of different types of homeopathy research – basic, clinical and methodological research into the effects of both homeopathic remedies and homeopathic practitioners. Sarah Brien […]


Improvement seen in reproducibility of homeopathic basic science results

April 28th 2010 The repeatability of experimental designs used in biochemical and biological studies of serially-succussed ultrahigh dilutions is an ongoing challenge. In a recent article, Endler et al. identified 107 studies involving 24 different reserach models(1). 30 initial studies had been replicated internally by the same research team, by co-ordinated teams at different locations (multicentre […]