HRI London 2019 – Programme Highlights

Exploring the potential of homeopathy beyond human healthcare
The HRI London 2019 conference provides a rare opportunity to hear scientists from around the world present their latest studies
Find out more about the science being carried out at Universities as far flung as Brazil, Germany, Austria and India, exploring homeopathy an eco-friendly tool in the future of agriculture and agro-forestry, plus laboratory experiments testing homeopathy on plants.
And yes, in case you didn’t already realise it, plants do respond to homeopathic medicines!
Professor Leoni Bonamin (Brazil) – Homeopathy and environmental challenges
Paul Doesburg (Germany) – Replication and meta-analysis of specific effects of homeopathically prepared tin (Stannum metallicum 30x) with a cress seedling, CuCl2 crystallisation ‘fingerprint’ approach.
Prof Christian Endler (Austria) – Further data on wheat germination and silver nitrate (10e-3 to 10e-25): low and medium dilutions
Dr Tim Jäger (Germany) – Effects of homeopathic preparations of Mercurius corrosivus on the growth rate of mercury-stressed duckweed Lemna gibba L. as a function of different stress levels
Dr Amjith Naisam (India) – Homoeopathic management of tomato leaf curl virus using psorinum (poster)
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HRI Conference Team
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